Welcome to The Collins Firm!

Welcome to the internet home of The Collins Firm, a law firm dedicated to assisting small to mid size businesses like yours with the legal services you need to start, build and develop a growing business.

The Collins Firm is uniquely qualified to help you with your business because of real world experience developed from working with small to midsized businesses for almost twenty years.  More importantly, Mr. Collins has built and run many small businesses himself, most of them based on the internet.

You will find that The Collins Firm has expertise and efficiency in a wide variety of business matters that will give you a legal edge over your competitors.

We have a thorough understanding of the ever changing business environment, and stand ready to protect your business interests.

We are dedicated to providing excellence in legal services for your business needs.  Call us at 404-214-6070 or email us at matt@mpcpc.com to learn more about The Collins Firm today.

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