Quality Forms and Contracts Help You Succeed!

What kind of order forms do you have in place or will you need for your business?  This seems to be an obvious question to most small business owners, but is it really?   The purpose of this article is to help you identify potential forms and legal documents that you’ll need to protect and operate your business; all services are available through The Collins Firm.

Whether you offer a product or service plays a major part in the form choice and the type of documents you need. Here are just a few considerations you should keep in mind when thinking about your order forms and other legal documents you’ll need to safely and securely operate your business:

1.  Product Orders – If you sell tangible products and it’s a one-time sale, then you will need a sales order form that includes information such as quantity, product description, payment terms, return restrictions, warranty and much more.  You need quality legal help to build and design an agreement for any product and meeting the needs of your business with an emphasis on compact but effective order forms.

2.  Service Agreements – If you sell a service or intangible product, then you will need a service agreement spelling out information such as term, service descriptions, warranty, delivery method of the service, payment options and much more.  A service agreement tends to be much more extensive than a compact product order form so plan to spend more time mapping out the processes that need to be covered in your standard service agreement.

3.  Internet Agreements – If you currently offer or plan to offer products, services or market your business on the internet, then you will need some basic documents and forms to manage and govern the relationship between you and visitors to your website.  These forms include, but are not limited to a privacy policy, terms of use, and acceptable use policy. Check out this article on internet presence.

4.  Software Licensing – If you design or develop software, websites or other technology, then you will need a software or technology license to sell and service your product.  The key component of this type of agreement is the specification of ownership of the product and the extensive use options available to you.

5.  Employment and Consulting Agreements –Nothing is more important than the people you have helping you build and grown your business.  Since these people are exposed to your business plans, marketing strategies and other important trade secrets, you need detailed agreement to outline and govern the rights and obligations between your company and these important people.  Whether you hire people as employees or consultants, then you need solid agreements to govern the rights and responsibilities of your relationship.

6. Intellectual Property Agreements – Depending on your company and how you operate, intellectual property can mean anything from development and protection of trademarks and trade names to patents, processes and other materials and trade secrets you may make available to third parties.

As you can see there are a vast array of forms and agreements you may need just to get your business started. However, the investment you make in your operations early, will pay off in the long term as your business grows and develops.  The Collins Firm is experienced in building and developing the forms and contracts you need to make your business successful.

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