Sales are useless if you don’t collect the money so you to ramp up your collections efforts so that you get the benefit of all of your hard earned sales.  The Collins Firm can help you build and develop a cash collection system offering flexibility to avoid making customers angry as well as firmness to ensure collection.

The key to an effective collections system is to lay out expectations at the beginning of your business relationship. This means that your contracts and invoices should all state clearly when money is due and the ramifications for failure to meet the payment requirements. I recommend adding late fee and interest provisions to any standard contract.  Whether to add this information to your invoice as well is another question that requires further consideration.

The next step in the collections process is internal notification systems for your staff to use to monitor outstanding money and contact customers to collect this money.  The Collins Firm can help you build and develop an internal process that is highly effective in collecting accounts receivables.

If your internal collections efforts still do not get the results that you seek, then it’s time to get legal assistance.  The Collins Firm helps many businesses with collections efforts and has developed a proprietary process that is the most efficient and effective way to collect from business debtors.  With a choice of billing options as either contingent or hourly billing, The Collins Firm can help you collect your toughest accounts.

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