Incorporation Considerations…

The Collins Firm can help you start your business through the selection of the proper business form.

Whether you should set up an LLC, partnership, S Corporation or C Corporation, we can help you with the decision process.  We are proud to help individuals and businesses choose the best business form that meets your needs and circumstances.   Through careful analysis 0f your goals, ownership situation, business plan, tax matters and other considerations, we’ll work with you to discern the best corporate form for your business.

One important consideration that you must take into account in any corporate formation analysis concerns tax issues.   The Collins Firm has extensive experience in setting up corporations and will ask you the important questions needed to plan for the proper handling of tax issues.  Tax considerations are often determinative of the proper business form and at a minimum will  greatly influence the business form you need to utilize for your new business.

The Collins Firm will also prepare all the documents you’ll need not only to open your business but will get you everything you need to open your bank accounts.  We also help you get your Tax Identification Number so you can start business right away.  The Collins Firm can get you a full turn key corporate solution within just a few business days.

We will customize your business form to meet your needs and the needs of the business you want to start.   Contact the Collins Firm today to get started!!

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