Asset Purchase/Stock Purchase Agreements

When a business seeks to buy the shares or assets of another business, both sides need an experienced business law attorney.  Both businesses benefit from skilled legal representation so whether you want to buy a business or sell a business, keep reading this article.

Why should you hire a good Atlanta business law attorney to help you get a good agreement?  A thorough and detailed contract is essential to give both sides the benefit of the transaction. Every business sale or purchase should lead to a solid benefit for both parties involved.  The absence of a mutual benefit is a sure ticket to expensive and time consuming litigation.  The Collins Firm can provide knowledgeable and effective business law representation to help you get the benefit of your contract.

Stock Purchase Versus Asset Purchase Agreements

Which should you choose?  Stock purchase or asset purchase?  The answer varies and changes with every situation.  This decision by itself is reason enough to call The Collins Firm to help you with your business agreement.

Part of the decision rests on the question of whether or not all of the business assets are being sold or just some of the business assets.  Another consideration is whether any debts or liabilities are also part of the deal.  These are just two considerations that can help you decide which type of deal to make.

Protecting Your Interests in Business Deals

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, you need an experienced attorney to help protect your interests in the business deal.  When a business or corporation sells stock or acquires assets, they may also acquire debts or liabilities.  The proper handling of debts and liabilities is critical to the success of the business deal.

Whether you are a business buyer or a seller, The Collins Firm can help you be sure that your best interests are protected from beginning to end of the transaction. The Collins Firm is skilled at helping in asset acquisitions, stock sales, and can help you regardless of which side your company is participating.  We will review and prepare contracts for you and can help provide you the due diligence necessary to make the most of any deal. .

Business agreements include:

  • Asset Sales Agreements
  • Stock Sales Agreements
  • Stockholder/shareholder agreements
  • Partnership interests
  • Real estate leases and purchases
  • Business property/equipment

We can also assist with drafting any offers, letters of intent or purchase agreements. In addition to representing you, your business or corporation during the transaction, we are skilled business negotiators who can render vital assistance in drafting and structuring your asset purchase agreement.

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