The principal of The Collins Firm is Matthew P. Collins who has operated his law practice for almost twenty years.  The Collins Firm provides a wide array of legal services for small and midsize businesses worldwide.

The Collins Firm has helped businesses grow and succeed for almost twenty years by working with clients to grow and develop their businesses through negotiating and drafting contracts, merger agreements, and other transactional agreements.  Additional legal services include business formation and document drafting and review, terms of service, privacy policies, license agreements, DMCA claims and much more.

One reason for the success of The Collins Firm in helping businesses is that Mr. Collins has been a business owner of several successful businesses.  With this background, Mr. Collins is able to provide superior advice and legal analysis that is based on a far wider foundation of knowledge than a typical lawyer may possess.  This real world business experience gives clients the information needed to make quality decisions essential to building a successful business.

Because of the twenty year history of The Collins Firm, clients can obtain fast and efficient legal services that save them money.  Since time is money, the extensive experience of the firm provides the tools necessary for legal services to be provided expediently.

Please contact The Collins Firm to learn more.  Here’s how to reach us:


Phone:                         404-214-6070

Fax:                              678-669-1518

Mail Address:             PO Box 191062

Atlanta, Georgia 31119

Physical Address:      Five Concourse Parkway, Suite 3000

Atlanta, Georgia 30328

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