Two of the biggest mistakes that a start-up or small business makes are failing to protect its name and/or logo and failing to research whether its name or logo infringes a trademark belonging to someone else.

The first mistake, the failure to protect your name and logo can damage the business’s brand equity.  Any business can benefit from having their corporate logo and name trademarked through the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Of course, failing to research whether a business name or logo is already in use could lead to a lawsuit.  Legal action can be costly and time consuming yet can be easily through good legal counsel. An experienced lawyer can help your business research your company name and logo and file a trademark application on your behalf.

Fortunately, business owners can avoid both of these mistakes with the assistance of an Atlanta, Georgia based trademark.  The cost to retain an experienced trademark attorney is modest, yet the benefits and protections can be substantial.

An Atlanta, Georgia trademark attorney from The Collins Firm can help business owners protect their intellectual property, corporate name, and logo through filing the appropriate trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Atlanta business law attorney Matthew P. Collins, has almost twenty years of experience assisting businesses ranging from large, well-established companies to small start-up operations.  Mr. Collins has the expertise and knowledge to help you grow your business through the provision of a wide variety of legal services ideal for business operating in Georgia.  For a free consultation, call us today at 404-214-6070 or email us now.

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