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All you want to know about The Collins Firm…

The principal of The Collins Firm is Matthew P. Collins who has operated his law practice for almost twenty years.  The Collins Firm provides a wide array of legal services for small and midsize businesses worldwide.

The Collins Firm has helped businesses grow and succeed for almost twenty years by working with clients to grow and develop their businesses through negotiating and drafting contracts, merger agreements, and other transactional agreements.  Additional legal services include business formation and document drafting and review, terms of service, privacy policies, license agreements, DMCA claims and much more.

One reason for the success of The Collins Firm in helping businesses is that Mr. Collins has been a business owner of several successful businesses.  With this background, Mr. Collins is able to provide superior advice and legal analysis that is based on a far wider foundation of knowledge than a typical lawyer may possess.  This real world business experience gives clients the information needed to make quality decisions essential to building a successful business.

Because of the twenty year history of The Collins Firm, clients can obtain fast and efficient legal services that save them money.  Since time is money, the extensive experience of the firm provides the tools necessary for legal services to be provided expediently.

Please contact The Collins Firm to learn more.  Here’s how to reach us:


Phone:                        404-214-6070

Fax:                             678-669-1518

Mail Address:           PO Box 191062

Atlanta, Georgia 31119

Physical Address:    Five Concourse Parkway, Suite 3000

Atlanta, Georgia 30328

What Corporate Structure is Best for Your Company?

What type of business entity is right for you and your business?  Today there are many choices for your consideration so you should spend some time reviewing your options so you can make the right decision for you and your company.  You need to choose the best business form that meets your needs and The Collins Firm is happy to help you analyze the choices and options available to you and your business.

Due consideration should be given for the choice of business formation and the type of business entity you should use.  In most states, there are several different types of business entities you can use for your business formation and I’ll spend a few minutes here looking at these options:

1.  Sole proprietorship – This type of business is used for VERY small businesses but does not afford any liability protection.  Most attorneys agree that this is the business form you should NOT use because of potential exposure to personal liability for events of the business.

2.  Corporation – This type of business entity is traditionally the most common business form and is very popular in large businesses especially long term established businesses.   The law regarding corporations has a long history thus giving you predictability in legal operations.  Many companies want to stay with a traditional corporation as that gives the feeling of stability and establishment that many businesses are seeking.

3.  Limited Liability Companies – This type of business is fairly new and does not have the long history of legal precedence, but the LLC law itself is modern and totally updated.  The LLC is often a good choice for small and medium sized businesses and in fact, I prefer to set up most of my clients as a Limited Liability Company because this form offers a wide variety of tax options in terms of how the company is treated.  Of course, this form does offer liability protection for individual owners.

4.  Partnership – This type of business is often used for very small partnerships involving two or more individuals.  Like a sole proprietorship, the form does not provide any liability protection so it is not a good form for most businesses.

5.  Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership – This type of business generally provides the benefits of a partnership with the legal protections of a corporation.

As you can see there are many options for your consideration when it comes to corporate formation so it behooves you and any small business owner to check out the form that’s best for you and your business.

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Welcome to The Collins Firm!

Welcome to the internet home of The Collins Firm, a law firm dedicated to assisting small to mid size businesses like yours with the legal services you need to start, build and develop a growing business.

The Collins Firm is uniquely qualified to help you with your business because of real world experience developed from working with small to midsized businesses for almost twenty years.  More importantly, Mr. Collins has built and run many small businesses himself, most of them based on the internet.

You will find that The Collins Firm has expertise and efficiency in a wide variety of business matters that will give you a legal edge over your competitors.

We have a thorough understanding of the ever changing business environment, and stand ready to protect your business interests.

We are dedicated to providing excellence in legal services for your business needs.  Call us at 404-214-6070 or email us at to learn more about The Collins Firm today.